As part of its continuing effort to educate the public about the Taylor Law, PERB has updated some of its publications. In addition, copies of Board and Administrative Law Judge decisions, collective bargaining agreements on file with the agency, fact-finding recommendations, and compulsory interest arbitration awards can be provided for a fee. All are available in hard copy format and some may be obtained on compact disk or by electronic mail. To order, please return the Publications form along with your check or money order.

The very popular Mandatory/Nonmandatory Subjects of Negotiation has been updated to include decisions published through December 31, 2011. The 2012 edition is in a softcover 8.5 by 5.25 inch printed format.

The Taylor Law and the Duty of Fair Representation, written by Philip L. Maier, PERB's New York City Regional Director was revised in 2008 and orders are filled with the second edition. While focusing exclusively on the DFR, The Taylor Law and the Duty of Fair Representation also discusses related issues which often arise in the context of the prosecution of a DFR charge. One significant example is the discussion concerning the limitation of PERBís jurisdiction over both internal union affairs and the enforcement of collective bargaining agreements.

The Contract Analysis Program Report, volume 2 can be viewed by clicking here for a web page or here to get it as a PDF.

The Administration Office maintains a supply of publications that are available from PERB. Listed below are the publications that are currently available. To order, please return the Publications form along with your check or money order.


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